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I believe Man's purpose on this earth is to shape Matter with Form and Future with past.


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On the last day of WW2, in Czechoslovakia – 1945, Daniel Kafri was born on the brink between mankind’s darkest hours and the beginning of its rebirth. This reality influenced his works and he was destined to become one of the most famous and valued sculptors in the world of Jewish Art.

         He has designed and sculpted monuments in stone, marble and bronze-  for cities, museums and individuals in Israel and worldwide. Kafri has created dozens of unique sculptures displayed by private collectors internationally.

         Kafri’s sculptures seek to integrate materials with spiritual ideas – to celebrate man’s resilience and faith, harmony and love through both form and matter.

        His exceptional talent and warm personality bring together art, culture, specific locations and tradition in a way that enables everyone to feel the influence of his art.  

The works are presented in various collections around the world such as:

Belz museum of Judaic Art, Memphis, Tenessee.
Davidson and Hermelin collection, Detriot, Michigan.
Chaltiel collection, Las Vegas, Nevada.
S.K. collection, Moscow, Russia.

High profile public sites in Israel have made Daniel Kafri truly a national artist. 

Some examples are: 

  -In the Ben-Gurion Airport ; busts of David Ben-Gurion and of Yitzhak Rabin.

  -In Old Jaffa; The Monumental “Gate of Faith” statue.

  -On the Eilat boardwalk is the ”Liberation of Eilat” Monument.

  -On Mount Scopus in Jerusalem is the Hebrew University Monument.

  -In Be’er Sheva there are monuments and reliefs at Soroka Hospital.

  -In Taba, there is the “Stonewall” Monument at the Sonesta-Taba Hotel.

  -In Rehovot there is a Kafri monument at the Weitzman Institute of Science.

  -In Jerusalem at Yad Vashem’s Children’s Memorial, Kafri created the marble              portrait of the child in whose memory the exhibit was dedicated.

Today, Daniel Kafri is an observant Jew, lives in Jerusalem, and is still creating.

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