"I believe Man's purpose on this earth is to shape Matter with Form and Future with Past."

Daniel Kafri



Kafri is one of the top Master-Sculptors of the 20th century. 

His tremendous scope of work includes more than 700 sculptures. 

Dozens of them are publicly displayed as monuments around the world,
as well as by private collectors. 

(Weintraub gallery, New-York)

Each sculpture depicts a profound story and has  an enchanting presence, it becomes an experience.

Victor Chalitel

Private Art collector,

Las-Vegas, NV. USA.

This Giant of Sculpture, upholds the covenant between art, culture and place.

Gideon Ofrat

Israel's preeminent Curator and Art Critic.
Jerusalem, Israel.

Kafri is the greatest
 living Jewish artist
of our time.

Jack A. Belz

BELZ Museum of Asian and  Judaic  Art.
Memphis , TN. USA.